Whether your organization serves and protects a population of thousands or millions, each and every law-abiding individual deserves and expects you to effectively utilize data and information to reduce crime. 

Vigilant Analytics offers crime analysis services for law enforcement agencies of diverse sizes and situations:

  • If your organization currently does have crime analyst staff, Vigilant Analytics can help train your staff in crime reduction methods, assist and supplement monthly reporting and develop precise strategies based on your specific needs and requirements. We can also recruit, deploy and manage Full-time, Part-Time or Project based crime Analysts for Hire to work in concert with your current team.
  • If your organization does not currently have a crime analyst, Vigilant Analytics can get you started by custom designing a crime analysis program that expertly incorporates talent, training and technology to reduce crime.
  • Two helpful guidelines to consider for crime analyst workload are one crime analyst per 1,500 crimes and one crime analyst per 60 sworn staff.

While the reasons for supplementing or initiating crime analysis programs are as diverse as the departments that we serve, there are common reasons for doing so:

  • A desired practice of continuously updating and improving your department's understanding of the key drivers of crime, and the ability to utilize that knowledge to reduce crime.
  • Specific needs to counter narcotics proliferation, gang activity, traffic deaths and other specific activities & threats
  • Crime Reduction Initiatives and Strategies that rely on data-driven deployment, real-time reporting and information sharing
  • A change in CAD/RMS, MIS and/or other technology that creates opportunity for improved police services if used to its highest purpose and capabilities, and risks of wasted money, time and morale if it is not.
  • A need for specialist capabilities that can be difficult and cumbersome to recruit  
  • A need to be efficient with fiscal resources
    • Your organization needs 1/2 an analyst when you have none or 3.75 crime analysts when you have 2; you need the flexibility to ramp up to X analysts for certain projects.
    • The total cost of a single Full-Time or Part-Time Analyst for Hire is materially less expensive and less administratively burdensome than hiring a Full-Time or Part-Time staff on your payroll.
    • You can supplement your own fiscal resources with a grant if necessary and beneficial to do so