Vigilant Analytics Gets Results.

Our current Analyst for Hire team has from 5 to 25 years of diverse and specialized crime analysis experience. They possess university and graduate degrees in criminology and criminal justice with their technical, communications, strategic thinking and customer service skills earned through transforming data and information into actionable intelligence for law enforcement organizations throughout the country.  We train, equip and empower our Analysts to meet or exceed the specific priorities and objectives of each client jurisdiction. This includes access to specialized data sets, training, strategies, methods and technology that our analysts continuously develop and use to reduce crime. 

Vigilant Analytics is managed by Howard Safir (39th Commissioner, NYPD) and Adam Safir, Esq., principals of Safir Intelligence & Security

Commissioner Safir oversaw the greatest four-year drop in crime in New York City history by utilizing innovative data-driven strategies and tactics that have been continuously updated over a generation to form the core knowledge base of Vigilant Analytics' operations. Adam Safir brings 20 years of diversified legal, analytical, forensic and law enforcement capability building experience to ensure that the best analyst talent, training and technology services are delivered to every client jurisdiction regardless of its size or location.  

Vigilant Analytics works with CAD/RMS, data, analytic, communications & other technologies to further ensure that our crime analysts develop data & information into answers that reduce crime.

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