"Intelligence led policing has made New York City the safest large city in America.

That's how Safir Intelligence & Security can help reduce crime in your community."

                - Howard Safir, 39th Police Commissioner, NYPD



Vigilant Analytics transforms data and information into actionable intelligence that reduces crime.

Our crime analyst talent, training and technology services can be procured separately or in combinations that meet your jurisdiction's precise need and requirements:

Analyst for Hire Services:

  • Full Time, On Site: We recruit, employ, train, equip & deploy high performing analysts to your location.
  • Full Time, Off Site: We recruit, employ, train & equip high performing analysts who work remotely.
  • Part Time, On Site: Same as full-time with reduced schedule. 
  • Part Time, Off Site: Same as full-time with reduced schedule.
  • Project Based: Same as above on as needed basis.
Analysts for Hire provide the Monthly Reports, Data Driven Strategies & Technology Services described below. They work on investigations, intelligence collection activities and other projects based on the needs and direction of each client jurisdiction.  All pricing based on the fair market salaries available to high performing crime analysts according to their individual skills, qualifications, experience and work locations. Pricing in the United States is $45 - 75 per hour for On Site work and $35 - 65 for Off Site Work. Full Time Schedule = 1,824 work hours/year = $63,840 to $118,560 per year, per Analyst. Part Time Schedule = 1,100 Hour per year = $49,500 to $82,500 per year, per Analyst.

Analyst Training:

  • Crime Analysis Strategies & Methods
  • Crime Analysis Technology & Data
  • Property Crime & Violent Crime Analysis
  • Counter Narcotic Analysis
  • Crime & Traffic Safety Analysis (DDACTS)
Analyst Training is provided on an annual basis with updated curricula modified to meet the particular needs of participating students. Training is delivered on line or on site with no greater than 8-to-1 per student teacher ratio per session. Pricing is $1,800 per 24 hour training session per year per analyst or $7,200 for all five training sessions  (20% discount from price if purchased separately; 10% discount for 3-4 training sessions)

Monthly Reports:

  • Crime Patterns & Trends
  • Crime Forecasts
  • Deployment & Shift Analysis
  • Officer Productivity & Performance 
  • Command Staff Presentation
  • Traffic Safety
Monthly reports are included in Full Time and Part Time Analyst for Hire Services. Priced separately they are $595 per report or $2,850 for all six reports (20% discount from individual report pricing; 10% discount for 3-5 Monthly Reports).

Data Driven Strategies:

  • Property Crime
  • Violent Crime
  • Counter Narcotic
  • Traffic Safety
  • Staffing & Overtime
  • Technology Development
Data Driven Strategies are included in Full Time and Part Time Analyst for Hire Services. Priced separately they are $3,100 per strategy per year or $14,880 for all six strategies (20% discount from individual strategy pricing; 10% discount for 3-5 strategies).

Technology Development:

  • Data Acquisition & Management
  • Data Mining, Analysis & Information Sharing
  • Public Safety Communications
  • Field Reporting Systems
  • Staff Performance & Management
  • Forensics
Technology Development services are included on a case by case basis in Full Time, On Site Analyst for Hire Services, and may also be procured separately. These services are scoped & priced per project based on the level of effort budgeted for analysts to help design, procure, implement and test new technology.

*All pricing above based on 2017 rate schedule and subject to specific customer agreement.

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