Crime Analysis is a true "force-multiplier" that generates significant opportunities to achieve return on investment in reducing crime.

Funding for crime analysis is typically available from general operating budgets and may be supplemented by asset forfeiture funds, federal, state and local grants, police foundations and other not-for-profit entities and community groups.

Vigilant Analytics works with clients to develop nimble and scalable crime analysis programs and budgets based on precisely-tailored services:

  • Vigilant Analytics helps you operate with the right number of FTE analysts. For example, if your organization needs 1/2 an analyst when you have none, 3.75 crime analysts when you have 2, or a material change in analyst scope for a project or circumstance requires analyst capability and bandwidth quicker than a position can be approved, we will help you scale up with speed, precision and results.
  • Vigilant Analytics costs less than hiring directly. At equivalent compensation for the analyst, the total cost of recruiting, training, equipping and administering a single Full-Time or Part-Time Analyst for Hire is materially less expensive and burdensome than hiring full-time or part-Time staff on municipal or state payroll.
  • Vigilant Analytics can help you procure financial resources for crime analysisWe bring our specialist expertise to informing accurate and aggressive budgets. We also work in partnership with organizations such as the COPS office, Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and the Problem Oriented Policing Center (POP) Center to develop initiatives that expertly balance innovation and practicality to benefit our clients. We work with municipal foundations, not-for-profits, community based groups and industry partners to find and fund common ground in reducing crime and promoting public safety.